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Do you provide a service outside of normal office hours?

Yes- we can provide services outside of normal hours by request, by appointment only. You can view our fees here.

Do you repair laptops?

We don't carry out physical repairs to laptops or PCs or other equipment as it generally isn't cost-effective. We can carry out a number of fixes and solve most software problems with laptops but if the screen is broken or you have dropped the laptop and it no longer works as a result, then we would recommend purchasing a new laptop as it's likely that the cost to fix the screen would cost about as much!

Do you support Mac systems?

We don't support Mac systems currently.

Is it possible to get on-site support from you?

Depending on your location, we can provide one-off network and site health checks for businesses. The best thing to do is just get in touch with us to discuss. Remember- in many cases we may be able to help over the phone or remotely, which will be a cheaper and quicker option.

Do you have any recommendations from customers, so I can see what they think?

We do- and we're always happy to provide you with contact details of customers who have agreed to recommend us.

If you have any other questions, please do get in touch.